About PlayOnPics.com


My name Jeremy Maillet, I'm a business student at Saint Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia. However in my summer months I live in Moncton NB where I'm known to be on paintball fields and sports fields doing photography. I've come to be known as PlayOnPics in the paintball community and plan to be known like that in other sports.

Playonpics started in 2006 with shooting paintball. With the introduction to Xball in the Maritimes our goal was to capture the Action, Intensity and Love of the game through photos for the players. After a season of photographing paintball, we knew we had to continue and grow to cover more events. Now 2010, we have cover CXBL, AXBL and APBL paintball leagues. As well we have jumped into other sports such as Football, Basketball and Lacrosse. With each new year we come to exceed our customers' expectations by providing clear, sharp and better timing photos of the game. With the upcoming season, we will begin doing small video clips of the events and continue photographing local sports.

Thank-you for looking at our site and see you on the field!