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Welcome To New Look!

September 24th, 2009 / 8:09pm

Hello and Welcome to our new home.

With each year we try to add more for the viewers of this site. Finally, after putting website on hold and having more and more comments of difficulties navigating, we have updated our online view.

First with probably the nicest look is the new fresh front page. With help of Colin Busby, he has constructed a new cleaner look for

Next we have now updated a new gallery that allows orders to be put through online! As well, galleries will now be put up under categories, in a new easier to navigation way.

Lastly, we installed a blog for the site. The blog will be hopefully updated on bi weekly basis and allowing you viewers to see the new top shots of the day! As well what updates we have done.

Thank-you for viewing and we hope you like the new look.