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Past event update

March 26th, 2010 / 12:41pm

So finally got to try out the 1D markIII and 300mm f/2.8L. Wow is all to say. Well maybe not all.
The 1D compared to the 40D is a major upgrade. At high ISO even 3200ISO the grain is looking like the 40D at 800ISO. Which is amazing. The ability do basketball and get clean crisps shots is worth it. As well the 1D AF compare to the XXD line is far superior which helps with basketball and players quickly going up for a shot. I believe this will allow for better dive photos for paintball and for the quick action of bunkering. Lastly the 10FPS allows to hold the trigger down on high action to get the shot you want. Really i’m quite impressed with the 1D and doubt i can ever go back to anything less.

Now… On to the gravy of this. The 300mm F/2.8L. Crisp, Clear, and Vivid would best describe this lens. Built like a tank and heavy too, but will be a major upgrade to the photos. Remember your shots sharpness at Low DOF is only as good as your glass.

The 300mm and 1D paring makes for clear sharp photo. To the point that you can see the ice shavings.

As well getting those moments at the end of the game.

Basketball using the 1D and the 300mm makes for an awesome combo, however can only be used when shooting across court. Overall those great quality.

Lastly using the 70-200 and the 1D the quality is amazing. Where the 40D lacked, the 1d gets sharper photo and better at high ISO as well