Wednesday Night Spirit

Well to say the least, it was loud.
St.FX maybe a small school (4500 students or so) but we are proud when it comes to team spirit.
The CBU vs X games for basketball has to be about the most entertaining game for the atmosphere of the games. The game play shows how much the player want to win, as well shows how much school spirit is here at out school.
We had 2 great games, however both ended with a lost.
A double overtime ending with 98-101 for the Capers
And a 58-72 win for a capers.

Rookie Terry Thomas Athlete of the week for St.FX going up for 2

Senior Sheryl Chisholm moving the ball in

Senior Ashley Stephen Going up for 2


Senior Dwayne Johnston Going up for 2

Senior Alberto Rodriguez tearing in for a 2 point dunk!

Senior Christian “T-Bear” Upshaw being picked up by the fans of X