33rd annual burmac game has now come and gone. For those of you that don’t know this great game that happens every year, here’s some information. BurMac is a hockey game vs two house rivals (MacIsaac vs Burke) Each year students of the houses, allumni and even residents of Antigonish come out to the game in either Blue, or Orange. They cheer on their team whether it be by the war paint, the yelling or simply by the interesting poster they make. This game shows the true spirit of the houses as well how much spirit/hatred they have.
This game like every other year was certainly an entertaining match to watch for the first period. After that however, it got alittle bit more harder to watch as the periods continued. With Burke making a quick first goal and then another 1 in the second period the Mac team looked in rough shape. Finally getting a chance of a power play, they didn’t make use of it. With no aggressive moves and hardly any shots on goal it was clear by the end of second period that Burke would have the title this year.
Sadly though Burke didn’t see any point of stopping. in the 3rd period they managed another 3 more goals. Ending the game with a score of 5-0 for Burke vs Mac.