Canada Games Day 3 Feb 18th

This was a Busy day. Up and in the car headed Martok at 8:30. Not a far drive compared to Wentworth, we got there around 9:30 and ran down to the Biathlon. I think at one point people have either heard or seen a photo of this sport. Where the skiers do crosscountry (7.5KM each skier and a team of 3 so 22.5km) and then get to a target range and have to pick off their targets. If they miss they have to do a small extra little circle lap.
We were there for the Gold metal round. Domination here was the thing for Alberta and Quebec with almost a lap ahead of everyone else. PEI had 5th if memory serves me right.
NB biathlon athlete making his shots at Martok of Canada Games 2011

Tagging off teamates to continue the race

Skier doing a final lap for the biathlon.

Alberta Taking in 1st place at the Biathlon for Canada Games 2011

From here we went to Curling… I have never shot this sport, although played it when i was younger. It’s great to understand what they are trying to do to get their points. The game was Nova Scotia vs Ontario for woman’s gold and silver metal game. However Ontario cleared the win with 6 to 2 finish at Mayflower Curling Club

Ontario clearing in the last rock!

HURRY HURRY HARD! Wasn't enough to get the point for Nova Scotia

The Screaming fans and players of Ontario woman teams cheering after obtaining the Gold Medal at Canada Games

We then moved to our final event of Men’s Hockey Game for the Gold and Silver metal. Quebec vs BC. AMAZING GAME. If you weren’t there since it was sold out, i hope you watched it on TV. With 2 goals scored in under 5min and fierce hits, made for a great game. We got to the 3rd period of 4-2 for BC. With less than 12 minutes left Qc scored a goal and right away another one. With less than 6 minutes less or so and the scored tied the BC team showed they weren’t done. Coming back with 3 goals to make it 7-4 for the final score

3rd Goal scored by Quebec at the Metro Center at the Canada Games

Quebec trying to squeeze in their 4th and final goal of the game

BC Scoring their 6 goal and hammering in the nails into Quebec Coffin for Gold.

GOLDD For Bristish Columbia at the Men's Hockey Canada Games 2011

If you’d like to see more shot: