Canada Games Day 5 Feb 20th

The day we went to the metro center for Canada Games in halifax. Well we are finally over the hump and on to the second week of games. With woman hockey starting us off on the schedule we got to watch team New Brunswick woman hockey vs team Manitoba. NB was coached by my uncle Peter Murphy (coach of STU woman hockey). The game was certainly a feirce one in the first period with NB scoring the first goal however followed up my Manitoba scoring to tie it up. The game quickly went to Manitoba after 2nd then 3rd then 4th goal was scored. Faster and inner fire for manitoba gave them the win.
The ending score of the first game of the woman’s hockey division 6-2 for Manitoba.

A few shot to follow:

First Goal celebration for NB

Manitoba trying to squeze another goal in on New Brunswick

Manitoba Last goal of the game!

Manitoba celebrating their win!