Canada Games Feb 17th

So we got to our second day. This day was certainly a lot more relax. We went to Wentworth Skii Hill to get some photos of Freestyle Skiing. If you haven’t watched it before you really should find a Youtube video of it. Really neat to see the players take the small humps then hit a jump and repeat again to make their biggest trick.

Now for a shooter like myself that has never shot this… Well it was a journey haha. I went there with Sneaker and well that was a struggle going up the hill. From there it got more challenging simply because i didn’t know the good angles to get photos. We started at the top and hope our way down til finding out that the bottom and the second ledge where the jumps were, were the best spots. Feet numb we starting shooting.
We stayed there from 10am til 3pm.
Here’s a set of them:

Quebec Skier just before hitting the second jump

Quebec Skier at Canada games hitting the second jump

Quebec Hitting the big Jump!

Our Metalist Quebec with Gold and Silver and Alberta with Bronze for Skiing

On to the Live Show of Matt Mays:
3 songs to get the shots we wanted and one being acoustic…

Matt Mays in his second song

Guitarist of Matt Mays Canada games shows