HalfPipe! Day 9, Canada Games 2011

I really don’t know how to describe it… Amazing? Daring? Adrenaline rush? Let try a 5 second clip to describe it better: (here is Jeremy Page in the qualifier)

We were at Martok today for Snowboarding halfpipe. To say that i ever shot anything like this before… Well i haven’t. It was rough at first, however i think i got the hang of it. I think this was the funniest event to shoot. Fast pace, amazing jumps = amazing shots.

Plus not to mention the crowds that were there… Large in number and it added to the tricks. Hear the big “ou and aww”.
Anyways, we had NS gain 2 more silvers medals for the two dvision, men and woman. And having Ontario at the top. Jeremy Page and Dallas Rourke gained their silver.