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X going for the Title

March 13th, 2011 / 3:06pm


Chisholm getting the only goal of the STFX vs SMU game!

I know i’m abit late on this post, but after watching the STFX vs UNB game on webcast, i’m excited to see two more W for X here at their home rink. The Double Overtime game last night showed X isn’t giving up without a fight to the 1st place UNB team. With the series 1-1 now, we will see how the next two home games play out.
Theses photos and video are from the SMU vs X game 4 that SMU got the victory over X on. However X may have lost this battle they took the W at game 5 at the forum rink in halifax.

Matthew Bragg's

Brad Peddle watching as the game score is now 3-1 for SMU.

Brett Robertson fighting over the puck with Saint Mary's player

STFX's Brennen Wray relaxed from SMU player wanting to fight.

Women’s Hockey AUS Winners!

March 10th, 2011 / 5:31pm

X Woman taking it home this year. St Francis Xavier University hosted this years 2011 AUS championship. Maybe giving an edge to the STFX with the fan. Certainly tho the team was here to play this year. With having 18 wins of the 24 games last year, this year then had a perfect record. Making them the biggest contender for the championship. Each game was a blow out. First with playing Mount A crushing them 6-1 then moving on to Dalhousie with a win over them by 9-2. At some point fans must have wondered. When is there going to be a challenge? Well it finally came time for the Gold metal match. However to what a viewer would think would be a Great match up wasn’t. By the end of first period STFX already had a lead. then came to 2nd period when they started making the grave for UdeM (university of Moncton) chance on even coming back.
This game though quickly came to an end in the 3rd quarter when x had over a 5 point lead on UdeM and still wouldn’t let up. They managed to finish the game of 9-2 with X taking the AUS trophy home and headed to Laurier for the CIS Canadian National Championship.

Here’s a few shots:

Xwoman getting high fives from their favorite fans

Best describes the game, UdeM just simply not matching St.FX with a final score of the AUS finals of 9-2 for X

X getting their much deserved Trophy for the Atlantic conference finals!

And as always now, here’s a video of the Trophy!

AUS Up down weekend

March 8th, 2011 / 5:56pm

Back in halifax for the 3rd weekend. With Friday night starting right away at 8:15 Saint Mary basketball team vs St. FX certainly a great game to watch. I’ve had others tell me that STFX is always a second half team. Which i would agree. After watching this game, they STFX trailing at the half. However like usual they came back, i was betting on over 8 and STFX team wouldn’t let me down. Beating SMU by 18… 111 to 93

Christian T-bear Upshaw scoring for his record game of 43 points.

St.FX going wild on the bench after Jeremy Dunn hitting a 3 pointer

Terry Thomas dunking on a break away.

STFX fans helping X get the W over Saint Mary's

Well to where we were as a high the second game on March 5th at the Metro Center in Halifax came to be the nightmare. Dalhousie simply put got a lead, and didn’t let it go. At points of the game X was down by 20 points then brought it to a 5 point game at times. However it seemed they couldn’t get past that 5 point spread. Now theres many fans calling into question about some players that were left one, however with Will silver and a few others out from fouls and injuries. X would finally fold to Dalhousie in the final seconds.

Christian Upshaw

Maybe an unsong hero, however I found Dwayne played great in this game. I think paired with Alberto the game would have been different.

Last minute attempts to close that 5 point gap with 3 pointers.