X going for the Title


Chisholm getting the only goal of the STFX vs SMU game!

I know i’m abit late on this post, but after watching the STFX vs UNB game on webcast, i’m excited to see two more W for X here at their home rink. The Double Overtime game last night showed X isn’t giving up without a fight to the 1st place UNB team. With the series 1-1 now, we will see how the next two home games play out.
Theses photos and video are from the SMU vs X game 4 that SMU got the victory over X on. However X may have lost this battle they took the W at game 5 at the forum rink in halifax.

Matthew Bragg's

Brad Peddle watching as the game score is now 3-1 for SMU.

Brett Robertson fighting over the puck with Saint Mary's player

STFX's Brennen Wray relaxed from SMU player wanting to fight.