2011 Season begins in Atlantic CX4 Saturday

This season will be a great one. A league i used to shoot about 2 years ago and finally getting back on the horse with them again. I have to say this is finally what the atlantic paintball community needed. Truly the best players playing and having a team from every province in Atlantic Canada makes for a great Atlantic division.
Saturday games began with CX4 division starting at 9am. Blow out? probably more than what people were expecting. Alot of “green” paintball teams taking their hobby to the next level and becoming competitive. With a taste of their first tournament they will certainly need to go back to the drawing board and reanalyze their faults and work on them. Yet isn’t that the whole point of the cx4 division? Get a taste of of the adrenaline sport and fine tune yourself? Certainly it is. Eager to see what these’s teams look like at the end of the season.
I would like to congratulate one of mission and eastern paintball supplies shop 1st place winner Oromocto CX4 team. Winning 4 guns.
Our first place teams

Eastern paintball supply Oromocto cx4 team taking 1st place at Event 1 Atlantic division

Second place

Storm Jr team from new Minas taking 2nd place fielding 2 female player.

third place

Mercs Jr teams taking a 3rd place

Fourth Place

Knockout of Frontline paintball in Newfoundland taking 4th place.

Some clip of the final rounds