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Eastern CXBL Event 2

June 12th, 2011 / 9:41pm

I have to say the competition at the CXBL level is certainly rising every year.

And with finally condensing the league down to 6 teams this year, it made for closer match games.

Scores of the Day:
Fishstiks – 10-9 – Halifax City United
Daytona – 7-10 – Strict Union
Halifax City United – 10-4 – Sheilds
Strict Union – 13-5 – Kamikaze
Fishstiks – 9-10 – Sheilds
Strict Union – 9-6 – Halifax City United

A team I travel with every year Strict Union was alittle shaky the first game barely beating Daytona. However they certainly came to show they were there for the Gold this year, destroying what was said to be the team to beat this season; Kamikaze. While Kamikaze didn’t have their pro’s that event (cody of Aftermath) it still made quite a mark on the eastern division of how strong Strict Union was.
While some teams were strong with pro’s brought in SU next match up vs Halifax City United was rather an opposite game. Halifax City United relying on pro’s to help out towards the end of the match; yet not able to make the comeback. Very good game of the Atlantic battle.

Below is a video of the HCU vs Sheilds games, After a first lost for Halifax, they had to come back fighting and ended up beating the Sheilds 10-4.

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