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Atlantic CX4 Event 3

July 28th, 2011 / 8:27am

Another event and we are slowly coming to an end of a fast season! We had some new faces this event as some players have moved up or a few teams have disappeared. However we are still 10 strong in this division with the addition of the Bathurs team and the return of the Knockout team who had a by from Event 2.
The games were great. A cinderella team Peticodiac Predator. Who have finally seem to find their footing of always getting into the finals after the first event of getting last place.

Eager to see what the last event will hold.

Pictures of the winners are below. As well a video of the event.

Also the galleries of cx4 will go online today. However the site is running slow i’m going to be upgrading the website. If the site is fine with you great. If not i do appologize.