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Atlantic CX4 and MXL Event 4

September 14th, 2011 / 7:13pm

Our final event of the season and got to see the conclusion to both divisions.
The CX4 division had our 10 teams. This event showed again our 4 strong teams in the finals.

These’s teams seem to have been the same reoccurring teams of Charlottetown, Storm, Mount Pearl and Oromocto.
Yet like every other event we seemed to always have Oromocto competing for first place. This time it was with Mount Pearl that came victorious against the New Brunswick team winning a 2-1 match battle. This one event victory though for Mount Pearl wasn’t enough to allow them the points needed through the whole season to get the CX4 first place in the season medals.
Our Winners for the season was Oromocto with a score of 192 (close to a perfect score of 200), followed by Mount Pearl in second place 175 then Storm 168 and Charlottletown 157.

The teams have certainly grown throughout the season. I’m eager to see a lot of the players form RXL teams for the upcoming 2012 season as the CX4 division will be taken down and be made into a RXL division so the younger players can do Xball still paintball yet at a lower caliber of competition.

Our sunday Games we had some close battles. The games to watch for the first place contenders were Torbay vs Troopers and Torbay vs Wreckhouse. The first game of T vs T was a close fought battle with Troopers coming strong out the gate beating the 1st line of the Torbay team. However, like in all games of Xball just because you winning or keeping up in the first half doesn’t mean it will stay constant in the second half. The Troopers seem to have lost steam or simply couldn’t seem to figure out the the ways torbay’s players were getting their shots. As the game progressed it seems like the trooper weren’t making the moves needed. The game ended with 7-5 Torbay.
This victory would hold the first place for Torbay giving them the medals.
The last game of the day have the Newfoundland Battle. Torbay vs Wreckhouse. The grudge of the two teams make for a very quick a brutal game. The second line was played more with the Torbay teams, yet the game was well played by both side. With a few penalties issues on Torbay side. Wreckhouse took the rounds and won the battle of the rock with a score of 9-6.

CX4 Finals Video

HD__PlayOnPics Presents | “This Is War” – Edited By: Kayden Roy__HD

August 10th, 2010 / 11:36pm

Ok guys its finally here, the video is titled “This Is War” and consists of footage from 3 practices we had. I’ll shut up now and let you watch.
Filmed By: Jeremy Maillet
Edited By: Kayden Roy

Progams Used: Sony Vegas 9.0

Length- 13:20

Songs (In Order)
Intro..3 days grace
Saosin-Deep Down
DJ Honda ft.Mos Def- Magnetic Arts
Wale-Eyes of a tiger

PlayOnPics Presents “Untitled” Trailer

August 10th, 2010 / 1:11am

This is a trailer I made for an upcoming video I have yet to come up with a title for the mix yet so hence why its called “UNTITLED” lol, the video will consist of 3 practices. 1 last weekend and a 2 day this upcoming weekend ft. south sudan . Halifax City United.

I went with a different feel on this trailer, not your typical paintball trailer music and added a green CC so yes I know the video is green aha.

Enjoy and Constructive Criticism is always welcome.

word cloud . Submybirera

PLAYONPICS Presents “More Than A Game”

June 29th, 2010 / 9:52pm

This was filmed and edited today, it was somewhat of a quick edit but I think it came out nice. The footage is from a Strict Union & Halifax City United Scrimmage. expidoms . And the mix is titled “More Than A Game” because all of us that play paintball have realized that its not just a game anymore its a FAMILY and a lifestyle. If you actually read this little paragraph thank you lol and enjoy the mix.


-HD- PlayOnPics | Presents | Strict Union Road To E2 -HD-

May 25th, 2010 / 9:52pm

Video of Strict Union practicing for their up and coming event CXBL event 2 generic cialis in Mirable.

Music : Anno Domini Beats

PlayOnPics Video

May 3rd, 2010 / 7:09pm

Finally, Video up for the 2010 season. With the help of Kayden Roy, we will be doing more video in the future. domain name data . Anything from practices to dundee sportsdome, to APBL and CXBL adventures. Cubinsdemefin Keep checking back, we will be adding a few every couple of weeks.
Enjoy our first video