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Women’s Hockey AUS Winners!

March 10th, 2011 / 5:31pm

X Woman taking it home this year. St Francis Xavier University hosted this years 2011 AUS championship. Maybe giving an edge to the STFX with the fan. Certainly tho the team was here to play this year. With having 18 wins of the 24 games last year, this year then had a perfect record. Making them the biggest contender for the championship. Each game was a blow out. First with playing Mount A crushing them 6-1 then moving on to Dalhousie with a win over them by 9-2. At some point fans must have wondered. When is there going to be a challenge? Well it finally came time for the Gold metal match. However to what a viewer would think would be a Great match up wasn’t. By the end of first period STFX already had a lead. then came to 2nd period when they started making the grave for UdeM (university of Moncton) chance on even coming back.
This game though quickly came to an end in the 3rd quarter when x had over a 5 point lead on UdeM and still wouldn’t let up. They managed to finish the game of 9-2 with X taking the AUS trophy home and headed to Laurier for the CIS Canadian National Championship.

Here’s a few shots:

Xwoman getting high fives from their favorite fans

Best describes the game, UdeM just simply not matching St.FX with a final score of the AUS finals of 9-2 for X

X getting their much deserved Trophy for the Atlantic conference finals!

And as always now, here’s a video of the Trophy!

AUS Up down weekend

March 8th, 2011 / 5:56pm

Back in halifax for the 3rd weekend. With Friday night starting right away at 8:15 Saint Mary basketball team vs St. FX certainly a great game to watch. I’ve had others tell me that STFX is always a second half team. Which i would agree. After watching this game, they STFX trailing at the half. However like usual they came back, i was betting on over 8 and STFX team wouldn’t let me down. Beating SMU by 18… 111 to 93

Christian T-bear Upshaw scoring for his record game of 43 points.

St.FX going wild on the bench after Jeremy Dunn hitting a 3 pointer

Terry Thomas dunking on a break away.

STFX fans helping X get the W over Saint Mary's

Well to where we were as a high the second game on March 5th at the Metro Center in Halifax came to be the nightmare. Dalhousie simply put got a lead, and didn’t let it go. At points of the game X was down by 20 points then brought it to a 5 point game at times. However it seemed they couldn’t get past that 5 point spread. Now theres many fans calling into question about some players that were left one, however with Will silver and a few others out from fouls and injuries. X would finally fold to Dalhousie in the final seconds.

Christian Upshaw

Maybe an unsong hero, however I found Dwayne played great in this game. I think paired with Alberto the game would have been different.

Last minute attempts to close that 5 point gap with 3 pointers.

X-woman vs SMU

February 11th, 2011 / 10:59pm

A mean machine of Xwoman. I’m eager to hear how they do at CIS. They shouldn’t have any issues getting there with their great record this year 19-0.

online assignment help Untouchable? With a track record like you see here its not hard to believe.
They defeated the SMU team today with allowing them to have the first goal of 0-1 quickly in the first period but tied it up.

Soon after getting 2-1 towards the middle of the second period. With an ending in the 3rd period of 6-2. They were out for blood.
As well this is the last home game of the regular season. So we got a shot of the all the seniors.

On to the photos

SMU players couldn’t stay on their feet.

Second Period Goal!

And some Celebration of the game!


February 3rd, 2011 / 1:10pm

33rd annual burmac game has now come and gone. For those of you that don’t know this great game that happens every year, here’s some information. BurMac is a hockey game vs two house rivals (MacIsaac vs Burke) Each year students of the houses, allumni and even residents of Antigonish come out to the game in either Blue, or Orange. They cheer on their team whether it be by the war paint, the yelling or simply by the interesting poster they make. This game shows the true spirit of the houses as well how much spirit/hatred they have.
This game like every other year was certainly an entertaining match to watch for the first period. After that however, it got alittle bit more harder to watch as the periods continued. With Burke making a quick first goal and then another 1 in the second period the Mac team looked in rough shape. Finally getting a chance of a power play, they didn’t make use of it. With no aggressive moves and hardly any shots on goal it was clear by the end of second period that Burke would have the title this year.
Sadly though Burke didn’t see any point of stopping. in the 3rd period they managed another 3 more goals. Ending the game with a score of 5-0 for Burke vs Mac.

Good & Bad Hockey games

January 31st, 2011 / 12:38pm

Well this weekend would be one of the more interesting ones for me.
We began with the X-Woman hockey game who simply put were untouchable in the first 2 periods. X scoring 3 goals having it 3-0 made it very entertaining. The game ended with 5-3 of the 3rd period. Overall a great game for them.
The Xwoman rest at 3rd place in the CIS (national ranking) of the January 25th week. Should be updated come tomorrow, curious to see if they moved up to 2nd.

1st Goal scored of the game

Woman hit hard however i think the men’s games hit harder (read below)

Now we move on to the great/Terrible men’s game… Sigh. I was more than excited to shoot this game simply due to the fact that Axemen (Rival for most sports) was vs X. This match up is always a physical one. Which make for great checks and bad ones haha. However not more than 10 minutes into the game, i got a worse check than a player… I would like to thank Swan, however it’s my NOOB mistake for ever putting gear on the boards. Time to take the Thinktank Belt system back out!
When Swan went to check a player into the boards (the boards i was just on the other side of) he checked more than that, both lens (Canon 24-70 f/2.8L) and iPhone4 went flying as well with the Moncton player. Myself i went for the lens over the phone. However with my camera and 300mm in my other hand, i wasn’t as agile as i wish i could have been. iPhone4 hit the floor, and soon after the lens hit my hand, it bounced around on the cement finally resting 5 feet away. I can no longer mount the lens to camera, look like i bent the mount and crack the body of the lens. The phone was instantly broken as if 2 bullet holes were shot into the screen. Looking for photos you may ask? Here we go.

However the game wasn’t all bad. I manage to get a few shots of it.

X-woman vs Mount A hockey

January 28th, 2011 / 10:58pm

It would seem that all the goals were scored in the 1st (2 goals for X) and 2nd period (1 Goal X)
With a score of 3-0 for STFX, St. FX 3rd place holding in the CIS woman hockey show they mean business.

Mount A player being taken out by St.FX. The race for the Puck!

Track at Canada Games center

January 28th, 2011 / 10:53pm

Finally! Got the chance to go inside the new Canada Winter Games center. This facility will be hosting the 2011 Canada Winter Games gymnatics during the end of February. Beautiful wouldn’t even give merit to how nice this new facility is. However going on and on about it won’t address the reason why we were here.
Track of Field Open event had many schools from X to Dalhousie to Capers and the runners of Halifax. They had Long jump, 60m-1500m Races. Very interesting event and can’t wait to come back to this facility.


Wednesday Night Spirit

January 28th, 2011 / 10:44pm

Well to say the least, it was loud.
St.FX maybe a small school (4500 students or so) but we are proud when it comes to team spirit.
The CBU vs X games for basketball has to be about the most entertaining game for the atmosphere of the games. The game play shows how much the player want to win, as well shows how much school spirit is here at out school.
We had 2 great games, however both ended with a lost.
A double overtime ending with 98-101 for the Capers
And a 58-72 win for a capers.

Rookie Terry Thomas Athlete of the week for St.FX going up for 2

Senior Sheryl Chisholm moving the ball in

Senior Ashley Stephen Going up for 2


Senior Dwayne Johnston Going up for 2

Senior Alberto Rodriguez tearing in for a 2 point dunk!

Senior Christian “T-Bear” Upshaw being picked up by the fans of X

Remote Shooting

January 10th, 2011 / 3:24pm

Well this 2011 season should get a little more fun and challenging. Learning new techniques and learning what other higher up in the field are doing has been an interest of mine. However finally being able to act out what they do is even better.

This season we are trying out remote shooting. With the help of Jay Mcneil for the Pocketwizards help. I plan to finally start seeing what interesting angles can be had at a game and give off a new spin on the game.

At the moment i’m starting with Basketball. Simply due to my understanding of this sport i know where i can mount a camera with 1) not being yelled at by the officials and 2) that it won’t get destroyed by a player/ball

So for those’s wondering what have used today was: 7D, canon 15mm f/2.8 FE, Pocketwizards, Manfrotto Magic Arm, Super clamp and my canon cps strap. As well to remove the glare from the backboard from shooting through glass i’ve used a back printed peice of paper and tapped it just under the lens

Backside Image of the setup

Front side image of the camera

Now the images that we got from this setup are seen below

Here’s an original right out of the camera

Now there’s a few fault from this setup as you can see. 1) the focus is the biggest issue. Having the camera setup on MF and guessing the focal distance is difficult (well for me) so with some practice i hope to get this nailed down. I had an aperture of 3.5, i’ll probably up this to 4.5-5.6 next time just to have the focus abit more.

2nd is that the angle is a bit odd. Since it was the first attempt, i will be probably putting the camera just above the shooting box rather than off to the side.

The other misc. issues are that the arm if put at a 90 degree angle it seems to slip a alittle maybe the camera shots become garbage. domain archive So having the strap abit holding some weight enable the camera not to fall as well, not to fall on the people if for whatever reason the arm gave out.

We will retry and follow up with this next weekend at the next basketball game.

Next sports to try Volleyball and Hockey.

X-Woman vs UPEI

January 10th, 2011 / 3:06pm

X-woman Basketball Team as well starting the 2011 season off with a “W” against the UPEI team giving X 2 wins on the saturday afternoon. cialis cheap Score: 76-40 for X.

Pre Game warm up shot with Remote camera.

Ashley best writing paper Stephen’s bringing the ball up