Canada Games Feb 21st day 6th!

February 21st, 2011 / 11:13pm

One sport i have to say that is odd to photograph has to be Ping Pong… err.

should i say Table Tennis. Just so you know. Ping Pong is what people do in their basement for fun with friends that can barely play. Table Tennis is the real deal. Fast pace and as the movie would be titled “Balls of Fury.” It quite something to see.

While i didn’t get the shot i wanted of the crosseye player and the ball just right at his face i did get a few.
After Table Tennis we went to curling. Men’s curling this time! However it was a bit more busier with all 4 lanes going and 3 teams from the atlantic (NS, PEI and NB) However it wasn’t the same mood as it was when during woman’s curling maybe because it wasn’t a gold metal game. Really i’m not quite sure. But there were some good win’s with New Brunswick beating Saskatchewan 6-2 and then Nova Scotia team beating their close neighbor PEI with the same score of 6-2.
And as always check the Gallery section on my site to see all 20 or so shots.


Nova Scotia Table Tennis player at Canada Games Halifax returning the ball.

PEI Table Tennis player returning the ball.

Female Table Tennis player of Team Nova Scotia serves for a point!

New Brunswick Men's team throwing the rock!

Sweeping hard to get the stone in the house! Go New Brunswick

Nova Scotia throwing the last stone of the round for Men's Curling

Canada Games Day 5 Feb 20th

February 21st, 2011 / 7:15pm

The day we went to the metro center for Canada Games in halifax. Well we are finally over the hump and on to the second week of games. With woman hockey starting us off on the schedule we got to watch team New Brunswick woman hockey vs team Manitoba. NB was coached by my uncle Peter Murphy (coach of STU woman hockey). The game was certainly a feirce one in the first period with NB scoring the first goal however followed up my Manitoba scoring to tie it up. The game quickly went to Manitoba after 2nd then 3rd then 4th goal was scored. Faster and inner fire for manitoba gave them the win.
The ending score of the first game of the woman’s hockey division 6-2 for Manitoba.

A few shot to follow:

First Goal celebration for NB

Manitoba trying to squeze another goal in on New Brunswick

Manitoba Last goal of the game!

Manitoba celebrating their win!

Canada Games Feb 19th Concert Night!

February 20th, 2011 / 11:31pm

Great Big SEA!!!
Only event all day and it was a good one… With Atlantic Lottery giving out over 2000 pairs of light up glasses it was a sea of blinking lights.
However Great Big Sea was the show to see of the Canada Games 2011 in halifax.
They got well over 3000 people there if not more. Argyle and Barrington was full of people. Cold, Mud and close spaces couldn’t stop people from enjoying the night!

Enjoy a few photos:

Opening Act!

The sea of fans and glowing glasses. Check out the video on the Atlantic Lottery Fan Page!

Canada Games Day 3 Feb 18th

February 19th, 2011 / 3:33pm

This was a Busy day. Up and in the car headed Martok at 8:30. Not a far drive compared to Wentworth, we got there around 9:30 and ran down to the Biathlon. I think at one point people have either heard or seen a photo of this sport. Where the skiers do crosscountry (7.5KM each skier and a team of 3 so 22.5km) and then get to a target range and have to pick off their targets. If they miss they have to do a small extra little circle lap.
We were there for the Gold metal round. Domination here was the thing for Alberta and Quebec with almost a lap ahead of everyone else. PEI had 5th if memory serves me right.
NB biathlon athlete making his shots at Martok of Canada Games 2011

Tagging off teamates to continue the race

Skier doing a final lap for the biathlon.

Alberta Taking in 1st place at the Biathlon for Canada Games 2011

From here we went to Curling… I have never shot this sport, although played it when i was younger. It’s great to understand what they are trying to do to get their points. The game was Nova Scotia vs Ontario for woman’s gold and silver metal game. However Ontario cleared the win with 6 to 2 finish at Mayflower Curling Club

Ontario clearing in the last rock!

HURRY HURRY HARD! Wasn't enough to get the point for Nova Scotia

The Screaming fans and players of Ontario woman teams cheering after obtaining the Gold Medal at Canada Games

We then moved to our final event of Men’s Hockey Game for the Gold and Silver metal. Quebec vs BC. AMAZING GAME. If you weren’t there since it was sold out, i hope you watched it on TV. With 2 goals scored in under 5min and fierce hits, made for a great game. We got to the 3rd period of 4-2 for BC. With less than 12 minutes left Qc scored a goal and right away another one. With less than 6 minutes less or so and the scored tied the BC team showed they weren’t done. Coming back with 3 goals to make it 7-4 for the final score

3rd Goal scored by Quebec at the Metro Center at the Canada Games

Quebec trying to squeeze in their 4th and final goal of the game

BC Scoring their 6 goal and hammering in the nails into Quebec Coffin for Gold.

GOLDD For Bristish Columbia at the Men's Hockey Canada Games 2011

If you’d like to see more shot:

Canada Games Feb 17th

February 17th, 2011 / 10:56pm

So we got to our second day. This day was certainly a lot more relax. We went to Wentworth Skii Hill to get some photos of Freestyle Skiing. If you haven’t watched it before you really should find a Youtube video of it. Really neat to see the players take the small humps then hit a jump and repeat again to make their biggest trick.

Now for a shooter like myself that has never shot this… Well it was a journey haha. I went there with Sneaker and well that was a struggle going up the hill. From there it got more challenging simply because i didn’t know the good angles to get photos. We started at the top and hope our way down til finding out that the bottom and the second ledge where the jumps were, were the best spots. Feet numb we starting shooting.
We stayed there from 10am til 3pm.
Here’s a set of them:

Quebec Skier just before hitting the second jump

Quebec Skier at Canada games hitting the second jump

Quebec Hitting the big Jump!

Our Metalist Quebec with Gold and Silver and Alberta with Bronze for Skiing

On to the Live Show of Matt Mays:
3 songs to get the shots we wanted and one being acoustic…

Matt Mays in his second song

Guitarist of Matt Mays Canada games shows

Canada Games! Feb 16th

February 16th, 2011 / 10:51pm

Well finally my first day, but day 5 for games. I’m a bit sad about missing the games so far. But we will make up for it. This is my first blog post. I’ll do my best to keep this update every night.
So today we shots a few sports, Short and Long track Speed skating. One at the Oval. Which is simply beautiful. Sad that this was the only day i will shot at it, since all the long speed skating is over now.
Besides that we also shot Target shooting. The concentration the girls needed here was certainly seen.
We ended the day with Men’s hockey, however i was having some issue getting shots. I’ll have to revisit it again with the Woman’s hockey on Sunday.

Here’s a SMALL Gallery of the day

What we all have to recognize is that the games couldn’t be done without the help of the volunteers.

Pure concentration with shooting

And makes the shot!

On the night fun! At Celebration at the Square just down by the Metro Center the bands were there in force. With Hey Rosetta! performance it was certainly a great shot and the fan were out!

The Fans!

Hey Rosetta!

Sportraits Revisited with Basketball

February 14th, 2011 / 9:56pm

So we finally got back to doing some Sportraits again…

I did miss this, and good to see that there are use for these’s photos. I’m still learning about sandwhich cialis cheap lighting.

I was hoping for abit darker of a background, looks like i should have turned up the power in the lights… I’ll be editing some more either tonight or maybe tomorrow. But most likely will be put on the backburner until i come back from Canada Games in Halifax.
Anyways here are the results:

Christian Upshaw

Will Silver

Dwayne Johnston

We got to have a little bit more fun here with Jordan Clarke by mashing two photos together… Bad vs Good?

X-woman vs SMU

February 11th, 2011 / 10:59pm

A mean machine of Xwoman. I’m eager to hear how they do at CIS. They shouldn’t have any issues getting there with their great record this year 19-0.

online assignment help Untouchable? With a track record like you see here its not hard to believe.
They defeated the SMU team today with allowing them to have the first goal of 0-1 quickly in the first period but tied it up.

Soon after getting 2-1 towards the middle of the second period. With an ending in the 3rd period of 6-2. They were out for blood.
As well this is the last home game of the regular season. So we got a shot of the all the seniors.

On to the photos

SMU players couldn’t stay on their feet.

Second Period Goal!

And some Celebration of the game!


February 3rd, 2011 / 1:10pm

33rd annual burmac game has now come and gone. For those of you that don’t know this great game that happens every year, here’s some information. BurMac is a hockey game vs two house rivals (MacIsaac vs Burke) Each year students of the houses, allumni and even residents of Antigonish come out to the game in either Blue, or Orange. They cheer on their team whether it be by the war paint, the yelling or simply by the interesting poster they make. This game shows the true spirit of the houses as well how much spirit/hatred they have.
This game like every other year was certainly an entertaining match to watch for the first period. After that however, it got alittle bit more harder to watch as the periods continued. With Burke making a quick first goal and then another 1 in the second period the Mac team looked in rough shape. Finally getting a chance of a power play, they didn’t make use of it. With no aggressive moves and hardly any shots on goal it was clear by the end of second period that Burke would have the title this year.
Sadly though Burke didn’t see any point of stopping. in the 3rd period they managed another 3 more goals. Ending the game with a score of 5-0 for Burke vs Mac.

Good & Bad Hockey games

January 31st, 2011 / 12:38pm

Well this weekend would be one of the more interesting ones for me.
We began with the X-Woman hockey game who simply put were untouchable in the first 2 periods. X scoring 3 goals having it 3-0 made it very entertaining. The game ended with 5-3 of the 3rd period. Overall a great game for them.
The Xwoman rest at 3rd place in the CIS (national ranking) of the January 25th week. Should be updated come tomorrow, curious to see if they moved up to 2nd.

1st Goal scored of the game

Woman hit hard however i think the men’s games hit harder (read below)

Now we move on to the great/Terrible men’s game… Sigh. I was more than excited to shoot this game simply due to the fact that Axemen (Rival for most sports) was vs X. This match up is always a physical one. Which make for great checks and bad ones haha. However not more than 10 minutes into the game, i got a worse check than a player… I would like to thank Swan, however it’s my NOOB mistake for ever putting gear on the boards. Time to take the Thinktank Belt system back out!
When Swan went to check a player into the boards (the boards i was just on the other side of) he checked more than that, both lens (Canon 24-70 f/2.8L) and iPhone4 went flying as well with the Moncton player. Myself i went for the lens over the phone. However with my camera and 300mm in my other hand, i wasn’t as agile as i wish i could have been. iPhone4 hit the floor, and soon after the lens hit my hand, it bounced around on the cement finally resting 5 feet away. I can no longer mount the lens to camera, look like i bent the mount and crack the body of the lens. The phone was instantly broken as if 2 bullet holes were shot into the screen. Looking for photos you may ask? Here we go.

However the game wasn’t all bad. I manage to get a few shots of it.