X-woman vs Mount A hockey

January 28th, 2011 / 10:58pm

It would seem that all the goals were scored in the 1st (2 goals for X) and 2nd period (1 Goal X)
With a score of 3-0 for STFX, St. FX 3rd place holding in the CIS woman hockey show they mean business.

Mount A player being taken out by St.FX. The race for the Puck!

Track at Canada Games center

January 28th, 2011 / 10:53pm

Finally! Got the chance to go inside the new Canada Winter Games center. This facility will be hosting the 2011 Canada Winter Games gymnatics during the end of February. Beautiful wouldn’t even give merit to how nice this new facility is. However going on and on about it won’t address the reason why we were here.
Track of Field Open event had many schools from X to Dalhousie to Capers and the runners of Halifax. They had Long jump, 60m-1500m Races. Very interesting event and can’t wait to come back to this facility.


Wednesday Night Spirit

January 28th, 2011 / 10:44pm

Well to say the least, it was loud.
St.FX maybe a small school (4500 students or so) but we are proud when it comes to team spirit.
The CBU vs X games for basketball has to be about the most entertaining game for the atmosphere of the games. The game play shows how much the player want to win, as well shows how much school spirit is here at out school.
We had 2 great games, however both ended with a lost.
A double overtime ending with 98-101 for the Capers
And a 58-72 win for a capers.

Rookie Terry Thomas Athlete of the week for St.FX going up for 2

Senior Sheryl Chisholm moving the ball in

Senior Ashley Stephen Going up for 2


Senior Dwayne Johnston Going up for 2

Senior Alberto Rodriguez tearing in for a 2 point dunk!

Senior Christian “T-Bear” Upshaw being picked up by the fans of X

Remote Shooting

January 10th, 2011 / 3:24pm

Well this 2011 season should get a little more fun and challenging. Learning new techniques and learning what other higher up in the field are doing has been an interest of mine. However finally being able to act out what they do is even better.

This season we are trying out remote shooting. With the help of Jay Mcneil for the Pocketwizards help. I plan to finally start seeing what interesting angles can be had at a game and give off a new spin on the game.

At the moment i’m starting with Basketball. Simply due to my understanding of this sport i know where i can mount a camera with 1) not being yelled at by the officials and 2) that it won’t get destroyed by a player/ball

So for those’s wondering what have used today was: 7D, canon 15mm f/2.8 FE, Pocketwizards, Manfrotto Magic Arm, Super clamp and my canon cps strap. As well to remove the glare from the backboard from shooting through glass i’ve used a back printed peice of paper and tapped it just under the lens

Backside Image of the setup

Front side image of the camera

Now the images that we got from this setup are seen below

Here’s an original right out of the camera

Now there’s a few fault from this setup as you can see. 1) the focus is the biggest issue. Having the camera setup on MF and guessing the focal distance is difficult (well for me) so with some practice i hope to get this nailed down. I had an aperture of 3.5, i’ll probably up this to 4.5-5.6 next time just to have the focus abit more.

2nd is that the angle is a bit odd. Since it was the first attempt, i will be probably putting the camera just above the shooting box rather than off to the side.

The other misc. issues are that the arm if put at a 90 degree angle it seems to slip a alittle maybe the camera shots become garbage. domain archive So having the strap abit holding some weight enable the camera not to fall as well, not to fall on the people if for whatever reason the arm gave out.

We will retry and follow up with this next weekend at the next basketball game.

Next sports to try Volleyball and Hockey.

X-Woman vs UPEI

January 10th, 2011 / 3:06pm

X-woman Basketball Team as well starting the 2011 season off with a “W” against the UPEI team giving X 2 wins on the saturday afternoon. cialis cheap Score: 76-40 for X.

Pre Game warm up shot with Remote camera.

Ashley best writing paper Stephen’s bringing the ball up

X-Men vs UPEI

January 10th, 2011 / 2:58pm

This 2011 years my new year resolution was to stay on top of updating generic cialis 10mg my photo blog. So lets see if we can do it.

The Xmen Basketball team have come out for the second part of the season with another win of 94-60 over UPEI. As well as a 104-67 Win over Acadia the following day.

Christian Upshaw

Terry Thomas going up for 2.

Finally get another angle to the players with remote shooting.

Grad photo at X (w/ Sample)

November 18th, 2010 / 9:30pm

Finally we have done a sample shot to show off what are capabilities are for your grad photos.

Jay McNeil and I (Jeremy Maillet) will now be taking graduation photo bookings. We have an on campus studio so there’s less walking for you. We are students doing photos for students. We understand the busy schedule you have, but are here all school year long til convocation. So you’ll have lots of time to get a booking.

Our packages are much cheaper than others.

With 100$ for a sitting fee that changes into a 100$ print credit. This way all your money is used for prints and not for a sitting fee.

If you have any questions please feel free to message us at


Grad Photos

November 4th, 2010 / 2:15pm

Attention to all Graduates at STFX.
Jay McNeil and I will be doing Grad photos this year at out studio in the Oland Center. We have the proper gear, gowns and experience to capture your graduation photos!
Our prices are 100$ for a sitting fee but is used as a credit towards prints to create your own personal package.
Any question feel free to message us at jeremy.maillet@gmail.com or simply use the contact page on this site here.
We will have samples up at the end of next week.

Halifax City Open 2010

September 27th, 2010 / 8:23pm

The gallery of Halifax City Open is Here —> Gallery

Finally returning home after a long day at Halifax City Open 2010 tournament. How do I quantify if it was a success? Could it be by the 26 registered teams?Could it be by the amount of free gear and prize given away? Or simply by the amount of competition that was seen on the field?

I have done this tournament for 2 years, and I have to say after the 3 years it been going on, it only becomes better. Our host Kevin Curry (BigCan as everyone knows him) strives to amaze the maritime paintball community by bringing all the competition together with no politics.

However, let’s just get into the action. The teams in 5man were fierce with the top competitors of Strict Union (CXBL 3rd place in Eastern) competing against the ECU team of  APBL players and the Maniacs team of the AXBL. I want to say competition was tight. But it was more than that. The final game of Maniacs vs. Strict was the decider for first place. Strict Union’s Jeremie Pagé running to get the flag allowed them to steal the points needed to claim the first place victory. domain info . domain owner Really it was only a mire 10-20points different for the first place in 5man.

While the top Atlantic competitors played in the 5man, the real competition was in the 3open and the future player in the 3man rookie division. With both division filled, there was no easy victory here. Just to give a feeling, a rookie that played speedball once, came in with a 2nd place in Rookie.

The 3man open came in like an AK sounding Ego, loud and fast. With competitors destroying each other up-close and personal, or by the 5 second games of getting all bodies off the break.

The best surprise of the day came from Halifax City United (CXBL Eastern team) gave away the last jersey to Will Jones the MVP of the day who played in the Rookie division.

I have to say I will continue to support this great event. It makes every paintballer come and play for the love of the game and not fighting over the small things. Which from day 1 is why I loved to do photos of this sport.

Our Winners:

1st place 5man –

1st place 3man Open –

1st place 3man Rookie –

HD__PlayOnPics Presents | “This Is War” – Edited By: Kayden Roy__HD

August 10th, 2010 / 11:36pm

Ok guys its finally here, the video is titled “This Is War” and consists of footage from 3 practices we had. I’ll shut up now and let you watch.
Filmed By: Jeremy Maillet
Edited By: Kayden Roy

Progams Used: Sony Vegas 9.0

Length- 13:20

Songs (In Order)
Intro..3 days grace
Saosin-Deep Down
DJ Honda ft.Mos Def- Magnetic Arts
Wale-Eyes of a tiger