PlayOnPics Presents “Untitled” Trailer

August 10th, 2010 / 1:11am

This is a trailer I made for an upcoming video I have yet to come up with a title for the mix yet so hence why its called “UNTITLED” lol, the video will consist of 3 practices. 1 last weekend and a 2 day this upcoming weekend ft. south sudan . Halifax City United.

I went with a different feel on this trailer, not your typical paintball trailer music and added a green CC so yes I know the video is green aha.

Enjoy and Constructive Criticism is always welcome.

word cloud . Submybirera

LoKoL Launch A HUGE Success

July 5th, 2010 / 12:35pm

LoKoL just launched it’s first batch of clothes at CXBL E3 in Gananoque, and WHAT A SUCCESS!

We got awesome research papers for sale feedback from players, a few new online cialis stores interested in carrying our line of clothes, and many players reppin’ LoKoL. We still have a bunch of shirts left, and stickers, so hit us up to place and order

We’d also like to thank PlayOnPics for giving us their blog space to post updates and pictures of our new lines of clothes.

LoKoL Street Team

PLAYONPICS Presents “More Than A Game”

June 29th, 2010 / 9:52pm

This was filmed and edited today, it was somewhat of a quick edit but I think it came out nice. The footage is from a Strict Union & Halifax City United Scrimmage. expidoms . And the mix is titled “More Than A Game” because all of us that play paintball have realized that its not just a game anymore its a FAMILY and a lifestyle. If you actually read this little paragraph thank you lol and enjoy the mix.


-HD- PlayOnPics | Presents | Strict Union Road To E2 -HD-

May 25th, 2010 / 9:52pm

Video of Strict Union practicing for their up and coming event CXBL event 2 generic cialis in Mirable.

Music : Anno Domini Beats

CXBL Eastern Event 1

May 20th, 2010 / 4:36am

Well, finally getting a chance to write after a busy week.
The Event 1 for eastern was nothing short of surprises for this season. We began our day at 8am on Saturday. Clouds covered the sky and the games began. Breaking the seal of MXL would be Armada vs the step up RXL team Vigilantes. Over the course of the day we got to see a lot of RXL teams that played in the 2009 season step up to MXL, Vigilantes, Fishsticks, SPK and the winners of 2009 RXL Maniacs.

Obviously with such as dramatic change in franchises the Event 1 would be an interesting one. And the games were. Only 2 of the 6 games being somewhat of a slaughter the rest were quite close and hard fought battles.

However to make the day worse after the first game the rain came. Complete downpour to the point where ponchos were needed and players had to reequip themselves and loaders to stop the rain from ruining their sight and their paint.

With Mirabel’s high end facility, mud was no issue, and the terrain was only altered by being able to slide abit farther than before. This allowed for great shots and action when players would make quick dives from break to the snake. available domains .

As the day continued so did the rain, however no complaints and each team continued to play and perform. The weather took a break for the last game of the day. Heroes vs Fishsticks was a great fight to see. Both teams knew each other and knew what they were up against. However Fishsticks having past CXBL Eastern champs on it gave them an edge to win the match.
Finally as the clock whinned down to zero the excitement was there on the Fishsticks team and as well on the ref’s and myself. Done for the day we went back to the hotel, spent the night uploading shots since we were to exhausted to go out and explore montreal.

Day 2…

Well, again the weather came back with abit of a vegance… We got little to no rain but got some snow while driving to the field. We knew it would be a cold day. Even the CXBL allowed 3 layers due to the conditions. However no team was down on it, excitement was in the air for sure. With one of the biggest games of the 2009 season impact vs cowboys; starting first game of the 2010 season we knew we would be in for a show. However it was not the case. Cowboys major roster changes made them a weaker team by far making the tied game of 2009 a 11-3 victory for Impact.

The action through out the day was clear. Superman dives to make it to your bunker and fast bumps up the snake side made great gun battles or sometimes lack there of.

Our other noticible change from the 2009 season was the bottom team sheilds. Who were seen to be a walk over team to all other competitors was not the case. Arnold revamped the Sheild franchise and made a lean mean fighting machine. Foundlenertile This team was out for blood. With stats of 2-5 last season, they are already on the road to breaking those 2009 stats with their 1-1.

Furthermore, the sheild’s were not the only team to make major changes to the roster. The kamikazee brought in some heavy hitters and created a power house team. Surely they will be the team to watch this season to see if they can compete against the lengedary Impact team.

Overall the event was intense and hopefully we shall see the same thing for Event 2…
We have 3 games to watch.

Momentum vs Kamikazee The next team other than mirabel that can really put up a fight to the powerhouse.

Moncton vs Halifax The Atlantic battle, Who will win? Nova Scotia homegrown or New Brunswick leaner team.

Moncton vs Cowboys Moncton will need the will, and this will be a big game for cowboys to try to stay top 4.

Theses will be some great games.

PlayOnPics Video

May 3rd, 2010 / 7:09pm

Finally, Video up for the 2010 season. With the help of Kayden Roy, we will be doing more video in the future. domain name data . Anything from practices to dundee sportsdome, to APBL and CXBL adventures. Cubinsdemefin Keep checking back, we will be adding a few every couple of weeks.
Enjoy our first video

Past event update

March 26th, 2010 / 12:41pm

So finally got to try out the 1D markIII and 300mm f/2.8L. Wow is all to say. Well maybe not all.
The 1D compared to the 40D is a major upgrade. At high ISO even 3200ISO the grain is looking like the 40D at 800ISO. Which is amazing. The ability do basketball and get clean crisps shots is worth it. As well the 1D AF compare to the XXD line is far superior which helps with basketball and players quickly going up for a shot. I believe this will allow for better dive photos for paintball and for the quick action of bunkering. Lastly the 10FPS allows to hold the trigger down on high action to get the shot you want. Really i’m quite impressed with the 1D and doubt i can ever go back to anything less.

Now… On to the gravy of this. The 300mm F/2.8L. Crisp, Clear, and Vivid would best describe this lens. Built like a tank and heavy too, but will be a major upgrade to the photos. Remember your shots sharpness at Low DOF is only as good as your glass.

The 300mm and 1D paring makes for clear sharp photo. To the point that you can see the ice shavings.

As well getting those moments at the end of the game.

Basketball using the 1D and the 300mm makes for an awesome combo, however can only be used when shooting across court. Overall those great quality.

Lastly using the 70-200 and the 1D the quality is amazing. Where the 40D lacked, the 1d gets sharper photo and better at high ISO as well

300mm and 1D

February 7th, 2010 / 11:52am

Finally we have made the move to go to a 1D series (III), sadly not the MarkIV, but hey you can’t get it all.

As well, we finally bought the 300mm f/2.8L. Now this bad boy is suppose to be the best lens from canon. So i can’t wait to try it out.
The summer should be quite exciting, sadly though i need to wait til march 7th before the gear arrives through the mail. Hopefully the postal system is quick!
Stay tuned.
I’ll be posting shots as soon as it arrives.

PlayonPics for 2010 AXBL (Atlantic) Season

January 19th, 2010 / 10:34pm

Hey Players of 2010 AXBL and AX4

With the season coming in the month of may. Playonpics would like to advise teams that we will be covering the AXBL 2010 season in photography.

We have gained the approval of Mike Bourque to do photography EXCLUSIVELY for the AXBL 2010 season.

Most players remember us from the 2009 season from doing the first event and HCO. And we hope to amaze you this year.

If you want a package please email me at
Team name:
Contact info:
Team Website:

We will have 2 packages available for the 2010 season of:

Package 1 – 200$
-Covers all 4 events
-120 shots per game
-online gallery
-DVD burned on site
-DVD burned at the end of the season with all photos (mailed to the captain)

Package 2 – 250$
-Covers all 4 events
-120 shots per game
– online gallery
-DVD burned on site
-DVD burned at the end of the season with all photos (mailed to the captain)
– 8×10 for all Permanent players of the team (guest do not get prints)
The prints will be done at the end of the season so the team can choose the best shot they want of themselves.

PlayonPics for 2010 CXBL Season

January 6th, 2010 / 2:31am

2010 Season Photos
RXL, MXL and CXBL teams

I will be doing photos of the 2010 season once again… Covering all 4 events. I will be travelling with Moncton Strict Union again.
In order to do photos for this upcoming season, i need 10 teams for full season minimum.

If you want a package please email me at
Team name:
Contact info:
Team Website:

My packages:
First Package:
Full season – 250$
125 shots on average per game
DVD Burned on site (if no issues that day, not received no later then second event)
Online gallery put up within a week
1 5×7 Per permanent player (not guests) of any shot they want over the course of the season. (Mail to the team captain at the end of the year)
All 7 Games covered

Second package:
Full Season (Print 8×10) 275$
125 shots on average per game
DVD Burned on site (if no issues that day, not received no later then second event)
Online gallery put up within a week
1 8×10 Per permanent player (not guests) of any shot they want over the course of the season. (Mail to the team captain at the end of the year)
All 7 Games covered

Third package:
Single Game Coverage – 50$
100 shots
DVD burned on site or mailed

Fourth Package:
Single Event Coverage – 90$
100 shots per game (max 2 games covered)
DVD burned on site or mailed